Additional Rules for the .LTD.GI Subdomain


The purpose of this document is to describe the rules for the allocation of names within the subdomain.


This procedure applies to all names requested for allocation within the subdomain.

Process Detail

The domain is intended to allow a unique mapping between company names registered under the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance with Companies House and a DNS name.

Note: Unlimited companies registered under the Companies Ordinance, unincorporated bodies, partnerships and bodies incorporated under other legislation are not eligible for an entry in

The only characters from a registered company name allowed in a DNS name are the letters A to Z, a to z, the numbers 0 to 9 and hyphen. These will be known as the "allowable" set.

Certain words will be removed from the registered company name where they occur at the end of the name before the DNS name is generated. These are known as the "reserved" words. They are "limited" and "public limited company" along with the abbreviations of these words, e.g. ltd and plc.

The Applicant must submit a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation with their Application Form. The requested DNS name shall be compared with the company name and if acceptable Sapphire shall delegate the name as soon as possible after application. Sapphire reserves the right to check a sample or all of the requests for accuracy from time to time and may remove a registration if the Company Name has been struck off the Companies Ordinance or the rules have been violated.

Mandatory Rules

• One name per company name registered at Companies House.

• The name shall correspond exactly to the registered name save for characters not in the "allowable" set which shall be interpreted as below and the "reserved" words. Where the definite article appears as the first word of the name it may be omitted.

• White space between words shall either be ignored or replaced by a single hyphen ("-").

• All other characters shall be removed.

• Company names written in a non English character set are not allowed in this version.

• The rules as specified in the document Rules for the .GI Domain and Subdomains shall apply in full.

Note: It is believed that these rules represent the way that Companies House interpret names in order to produce a unique match. In the event that they do not and/or that Companies House rules change in the future, the first successful applicant for a name will be assigned the name.

There is the possibility that applications will contain characters that are treated as significant and are not in the "allowable" set. This version of the rules will not allow these applications to be allocated a name.

In the event of a dispute over a name an appeal shall be allowed to Sapphire. The grounds for the appeal shall be in writing and the decision of Sapphire shall be final.